Our people

Our people

We are a team of professionals

We analyze customer needs and design comprehensive solutions, both in the field of industrial and information systems. We have the know-how for their development, production, deployment and maintenance. The platforms we have developed control the operation of nuclear, hydro and thermal power plants, railway systems and IoT technologies in 60 countries.

We are a team that contributes to the direction and development of automation in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

Kristyna Seidlova The variety of fields that ZAT is involved in makes my job interesting. I enjoy listening to customers and communicating their needs to fellow designers.

Kristýna Seidlová

Sales manager

Ladislav Kopecky The freedom in develompent allows me to explore new solutions. Plus, I'm always learning new perspectives on software development as I pass on my experience to newcomers.

Ladislav Kopecký


Aneta Rozsypalova ZAT allows me to combine work and family life. Even on parental leave, I was able to participate in projects and continue my education. This made my returning to work easier..

Aneta Rozsypalová

HR Manager

Martin Zahlava When I started, I knew I would have to learn a lot. My colleagues made it easier for me, who also became my "mentors" and prepared me for practice.

Martin Záhlava


Hejsek I enjoy working at ZAT. Being able to communicate with customers and find solutions according to their needs is something I have really found myself in.

Adam Hejsek

Sales Manager

Michaela Korimova Before joining ZAT, it never occurred to me that I could experience to look forward to work. My colleagues convinced me otherwise. I do the work I enjoy with people I like.

Michaela Korimová

Project Manager

Tomas Kadlec My work fulfills me. Fast efficient automated testing, that's what it's all about.

Tomáš Kadlec


Natalia Palecek Rojko I work in a nuclear business where safety and customer requirements come first. Colleagues are always helpful and responsible. It's just a great team and the overall facilities of ZAT are just amazing.

Natalija Paleček Rojko

Quality Test Engineer

Lubos Holy In cooperation with my colleagues, I like to look for new solutions that lead to the satisfaction not only of our customers, but also of ourselves.

Luboš Holý

Production Manager

What is it like at ZAT?