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Environmental quality and energy saving go hand in hand

For kindergarten, which aims to lead children to a healthy lifestyle and to form a positive attitude towards the environment, technologies that will allow them to quickly improve the quality of the environment and save energy costs were a clear choice.

That is why in 2021 we had the opportunity to monitor the indoor climate of the kindergarten, whose main goal was to save energy costs. However, the SimONet platform used also allows the measurement of temperature and humidity in classrooms and common areas and helps to maintain a suitable indoor climate for preschool children.

Customer's feedback

„So far, the first numbers confirm to us that savings in the use of this technology are actually taking place. It is therefore appropriate to think further not only about where to place it, but also about what else it could monitor in terms of the operation of our buildings.

PhDr. Jan Fluxa
Deputy Mayor of the City District of Pilsen 2 - Slovany


Optimal planning is the way to savings

The delivery included the installation of individual rooms with temperature and humidity meters. The values measured by these wireless sensors serve as a basis for autonomous temperature control of each room. Heating control is started after exceeding or falling below the set optimal temperature according to the needs of the staff. The obtained humidity data led to measures that significantly improved the quality of the environment in the classrooms.

Outside the active operating hours of the kindergarten, the building is tempered to a lower temperature, which significantly reduces heating costs.

Platform SimONet

Find out more about a healthy environment for children in schools and kindergartens

https://www.simonet.eu/cz/simonet/ (extern� odkaz)