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Project for renewal of the Dukovany NPP control system

We also made full use of our experience in the field of automation equipment in the Dukovany NPP I&C Renewal project, which was launched in 2000. The general contractor was Škoda JS. Our company ZAT together with the companies Framatome (France) and I&C Energo (Czech Republic) were among the most important subcontractors of the first stage of the Renewal. The project addressed the replacement of existing control and safety systems (module M1) and information systems (module M2) for all four blocks. The original Russian systems, which were implemented in 1985, were already obsolete and difficult to maintain due to the unavailability of spare parts.

From 2008 to 2015, the second stage of the Renewal took place, where we, as a subcontractor of Škoda JS, implemented systems for managing the technology of the secondary and primary part, self-consumption management, turbosets and the supply of a diagnostic information system.

The goal of the renewal in both stages was to create conditions for the operation of the power plant at least until 2025. The project included improving the information environment of operators, reducing the volume of equipment maintenance, improving the transmission of information for nuclear power plant managers, improving communication between operators and the reactor unit manager and, of course, increasing the quality and reliability of equipment.

The scope of our supplies within the I&C Renewal project

RRCS (Reactor Rod Control System) and SGPS (Steam Generator Protection System) systems were supplied for module M1. While RRCS is a system fully developed and manufactured by ZAT, the SGPS system was largely developed by I&C Energo.

PCS, IN-CORE systems were supplied for module M2. In the case of PCS, it is a technological computer information system, which has no direct connection with nuclear safety and serves primarily to support the operator's decision-making.

System for block control room, system for emergency control room, system for primary circuit control, system for secondary circuit control and system for turboset control (protection and control) were supplied for module M3, M4 and M5.

Reference JE Dukovany Fotografie 02

Customer feedback

"Dear suppliers, the renewal of M1 and M2 on our third block was successful, so - GUYS THANK YOU!"

Zdeněk Linhart, Jaroslav Vlček, František Prokop, Josef Rosol

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History of our cooperation with NPP Dukovany

  • 1987

    Under the DIAMO brand, we supplied control systems within the construction

  • 2006

    In cooperation with ŠKODA JS a.s. supply of control systems within the first stage of the Renewal, Modules M1 and M2, in the total number of 1,016 control system cabinets

  • 2015

    In cooperation with ŠKODA JS a.s. supply of control systems within the second phase of the Renewal, Modules M3 to M5, in the total number of 1,411 control system cabinets

  • 2018

    Since 2018, HW and SW, applicated on already supplied project solutions, have been modificated on the basis of a framework agreement with the aim of extending the life cycle