Elementary school "Masarykova" in Klatovy

Elementary school "Masarykova" in Klatovy
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    Czech Republic

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Temperature monitoring and control

The primary school building dates back to 1925 and underwent extensive renovations between 2005 and 2008, including the replacement of windows, doors and heating modernization.

It is currently heated by gas boilers with the support of room temperature optimization, and in 2021, selected classes and cabinets were equipped with wireless temperature and humidity measurement modules and remotely adjustable thermostatic heads.

Satisfaction with the quality of the environment

With the help of the SimONet platform, after analyzing the measured data, we set individual conditions for temperature control in each room. At the same time, we modified the set regulation mode of the existing gas heating.

The result is a satisfied customer, whom we helped solve an age-old problem with uneven heating of individual parts of the school building. In the final state, all auxiliary heaters in the individual rooms were removed.

Platform SimONet

Learn more about clear online visualization of inputs from all wireless modules

https://www.simonet.eu/cz/simonet/ (extern� odkaz)