Landslide detection in Karlovy Vary

Landslide detection in Karlovy Vary
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Transportation safety

Karlovy Vary became the reference locality within which the ZAT company implemented the landslide detection system. Modern wireless solutions using IoT technology - the Internet of Things - take care of passenger safety there. In case of a landslide, and thus a threat to the safety of rail transport of people and material, the system immediately evaluates the situation and sends a warning signal to the ZAT SimONet platform.

Variable notification and maintenance-free system

Notifications can also be submitted by email or SMS. The responsible staff can thus immediately inform the driver of any risk. With a warning signal, staff will also receive photos from the site to more accurately identify the incident. The dispatcher can call up the photos whenever he needs to.

A set of 40 battery-powered sensors that last up to 5 years ensure safety at the risk of a slope landslide. The system is almost maintenance-free and, in the case of remediation of the risk area, transferable to a new location.

A similar system is used by the French, Dutch and Scottish railways. We collaborated on the project with a foreign company that has been dealing with landslides for many years.

Platform SimOnet

Learn more about the system that provides visualizations and notifications of landslide detections (extern� odkaz)


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