Landslide detection in Karlovy Vary

Landslide detection in Karlovy Vary
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Transportation safety

Karlovy Vary became the reference locality within which the ZAT company implemented the landslide detection system. Modern wireless solutions using IoT technology - the Internet of Things - take care of passenger safety there. In case of a landslide, and thus a threat to the safety of rail transport of people and material, the system immediately evaluates the situation and sends a warning signal to the ZAT SimONet platform.

Variable notification and maintenance-free system

Notifications can also be submitted by email or SMS. The responsible staff can thus immediately inform the driver of any risk. With a warning signal, staff will also receive photos from the site to more accurately identify the incident. The dispatcher can call up the photos whenever he needs to.

A set of 40 battery-powered sensors that last up to 5 years ensure safety at the risk of a slope landslide. The system is almost maintenance-free and, in the case of remediation of the risk area, transferable to a new location.

A similar system is used by the French, Dutch and Scottish railways. We collaborated on the project with a foreign company that has been dealing with landslides for many years.

Platform SimOnet

Learn more about the system that provides visualizations and notifications of landslide detections (extern� odkaz)

Customer's feedback

"We were looking for a new technology that would ensure traffic safety and be able to react almost immediately to slope movements. There are not too many products on the market that contain these functions. We have many years of experience with ZAT systems in the field of dispatching systems. The SimONet platform met all the conditions we required, i.e. online supervision of places that show signs of instability, as well as maintenance-free and security of the delivered system. At the same time, it was possible to quickly connect the technology with the dispatch apparatus of the Railway Administration, and that was also decisive for us."

Radek Trejtnar
director of the Department of Track Management of the Railway Administration, a state organization



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