We have been involved in the development, manufacture, and certification of medical devices including all related processes according to ISO 13485 since 2004.

We rank among European leaders in the field of telemedicine, e-health, and services for health care facilities. We provide our customers with complex services starting from the development and production of selected medical devices through the development of custom-made software up to certification according to MDR.

We are a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices.

Medical devices

We are a certified manufacturer of medical devices. We use the long-time know-how in the field of development and manufacture of medical devices intended for therapeutic purposes. Our medical devices have been successfully applied for the treatment of patients all along the world.
As the sole manufacturer of devices for ozone therapy in the Czech Republic, we strive to increase awareness of the issue and benefits of ozone therapy for patients.

Ozone therapy

Ozosmart – a device for ozone therapy – is an active therapeutic medical device intended for treatment using ozone in clinical and outpatient practice and represents appropriate response to the needs of modern ozone therapy. The device supports almost all ozone applications known so far.

Ozone benefits

Among the main benefits of ozone, there rank its regenerational and anti-inflammatory effects. Ozone therapy relieves pain, improves tissue oxygenation, supports the immune system, and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Ozosmart New

Scope of application

Stimsmart therapy

Stimsmart therapy is one of the transcranial electrostimulation methods that modify and harmonize the disorders caused by both functional and organ diseases. During this non-invasive electrophysiological stimulation of the central nervous system, there are electrodes situated in the fronto-occipital position on the patient´s head.
Clinical studies have proved that it is a fully safe method without any side effects that can be applied either separately or in combination with pharmacotherapy and has long-time effects, especially for patients suffering from diabetic polyneuropathy and microcirculation disorders.

Stimsmart New

Target groups for therapy

Are you interested in Ozosmart - a device for ozone therapy?

Read the instructions for its use.

Ozosmart Instruction For Use

E-health and telemedicine

Telemedicine is a discipline covering health care activities, services, and systems operated remotely via information and communication technologies starting from the support of global health through prevention and health care up to control of the health care system.

Our company focuses on the development of software solutions for telemedicine.

Mobile applications for health insurance companies

Mobile applications of health insurance companies enable their clients to have access to the information on their health state or their children´s health state, at the same time they provide a summary of expenses on provided health care. The applications enable not only the display of the client´s electronic card but also notify about dates of vaccination, preventive medical check-ups, etc. It is also possible to call through the application or send an SMS to a close person if necessary.

Zdravotní pojišťovna VoZP

Monitoring of health care facilities

Software solution that does not replace qualified personnel. However, it can help in such a way that care about patients becomes more effective.

Attending personnel can not be at one moment by all patients. So, we have taken up this challenge and developed an e-platform that can, without breaching the privacy of the patients, monitor the current situation in each room.

We use our own platform SimONet

Learn more about a smart health care using IoT (extern� odkaz)

Service for health care entities

Legislative support

Do you have problems with the certification of your medical device?

We will provide you with legislative support when putting it on the market including completion of technical documentation.

Thanks to us, you will avoid non-conformities at audits.


Would you like to develop a new functionality?

Our experienced developers can develop any software and hardware solution for your products according to a concrete assignment.

Our specialists are ready to help you.


Have you lost your critical supplier?

We ensure the production of individual components of industrial quality. We use production lines equipped with the latest technologies for maximum quality and acceleration of the entire production process.

Medical Services

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