Health center in pocket

Health center in pocket
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    Android, iOS


Health+ program - health center in your pocket

The Health+ private clinic is a modern medical facility providing comprehensive medical care at the top level. It is a European leader in the development of e-Health support for its clients.


Tailor-made solution

Company Health+ was looking for a partner that would develop a tailored application thanks to which its clients would have easy and safe access to the data from medical reports, results of examinations as well as recommended medicals, enabling them to watch the dates of visits at the doctor´s and even help them solve some health complications remotely without being present at the doctor.

Based on these requirements, our company developed a software solution Health center in pocket enabling the users to have permanent control of their health state and complete control of medical care. The company Health+ thus can ensure the services based on the latest technologies thanks to which access to health care gets much faster and more comfortable.


Application in TOP100 in the Czech Republic

The application brings new possibilities in providing medical care and health care services via mobile phones. It offers the use of a wide spectrum of telemedicine (including video consultations with doctors and telemetry) that enables solutions for slight health complications without being present at the doctor. It has an easy, user-friendly, and intuitive control that even the client not aware of modern technologies can manage. It is compatible with all types of smartphones and it is free to be downloaded on App Store and Google Play. In fact, it is a health center in a pocket that brings a lot of useful advantages.

Feedback on the quality of our solution is proved by two awards granted at the moment of the start of the application. The awards Českých 100 nejlepších and DIGI@MED Award award a prize to the authors who in the last year created an innovative digital and mobile solution in the field of health care and optimization of health care processes or represents unique innovation.