We also develop know-how in marketing - we took part in the Marketing Festival in Brno

We also develop know-how in marketing - we took part in the Marketing Festival in Brno

Looking at ZAT's website, company presentations or the range of events organised, you will probably conclude that we are not just an ordinary industrial company focused purely on the production programme. The communication of our products is also important to us - we try to bring you information about new developments in the field of smart systems, for example, in an interesting and innovative way, including the use of new communication platforms.

That's why we couldn't miss a prestigious event like the Marketing Festival in Brno. It was attended by our colleagues Kateřina Polášková and Barbora Česáková. "I enthusiastically went through various workshops, for example, for creating product videos, while Barbora attended a workshop dealing with B2B sales strategies and effective software sales," says Kateřina Polášková.

In the evening of the first day, the festival organisers prepared a networking programme "Tour de bar" for the participants, which allowed them to not only discuss and exchange their experiences in an informal environment, but also to experience the culinary art of local renowned places.

On the second day, a full-day conference was on the agenda, during which leading experts shared their knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Speakers who attracted special attention were Tom Fishburne, known as "Marketoonist", who illustrates customer behaviour through cartoons, and Jono Alderson, who presented new approaches to content creation in marketing.

The new inspirations from the festival will be reflected by our colleagues with their own enthusiasm into the marketing of our company - so you have something to look forward to again.