We have launched a new ZAT website

We have launched a new ZAT website

We have prepared a pleasant surprise for you on June 1. We have launched a brand new website for our company. The new website has not only informative but also presentational character.

What would we recommend to you? Be sure to go through our competencies, including interesting references from individual fields of activity from more than 60 countries around the world. In the platform section you will learn all about the SandRA and SimONet systems we are developing.

And if you are interested in what's new with us, don't forget to update our news regularly. Once again, we will bring you interesting information from what is happening in our company. And since we are a company that builds on tradition and experience, but nevertheless moves all its steps into the future, we have brought here only a few key news from the original website. Because - we always build on the future.

If you have any message for us about the new website, do not hesitate to contact us, for example through colleagues from the team you work with, or at zat@zat.cz.


Your Team ZAT