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Health at the click
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The Military Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic is a departmental health insurance company operating within the Czech public health insurance system cooperating with the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic. VoZP offers a client portal with access via the Health on a Click application.

The mobile application for the VoZP client portal enables the insurers of the Military Health Insurance Company to obtain information from their personal account. They can view their healthcare expenses for the last 3 years. At the same time, they have the opportunity to see the reported care of their children. The application allows you to view the electronic ID card of the insured EHIC, as a replacement for the card at the doctor. There is also a Health Diary, which serves to alert the insured to the dates of vaccinations, medical examinations and own events.

It is synchronized with the Calendar application on your mobile phone. Users can also view overviews of self-employed insurance premiums, OBZP, overview of fees and insurance periods. The application also allows you to search for a doctor by current location or address. In the event of an emergency, it is possible to call or send an SMS from the application to a person close to them with the current GPS position or to call the emergency line directly.  


Customer feedback

"The mobile application "Health at the click" has been in operation since 2018 and is developed annually according to the growing requirements of VoZP. VoZP places great emphasis on the level of security of login and personal data processing, and at the same time our partner, ZAT a.s., helps us to clearly present this data to our clients in accordance with WS standards with other communication applications. The used technologies will satisfy demanding users and user friendliness helps to use even the less experienced users, which is proved by the ever-increasing rating of this mobile application."

Ing. Petr Čeřovský
Head of IS Development and Support

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Health at the click

The mobile application "Health at the click" is available both for the clients of the Military Health Insurance Company and for all other users. After logging in, VoZP policyholders have the opportunity to submit an application for a contribution from the prevention programs, where all you have to do is select the contribution, take a photo of the receipt and send it. They can also view the health care that doctors, hospitals, pharmacies or other medical facilities have shown to the insured at any time, including prices. We consider it a matter of course to display the insured's card (incl. The application for the issue of a new one), to register with the BeneFit discount club VoZP or to submit a declaration of long-term stay abroad.

Unregistered users of the application have at their disposal a medical diary alerting to preventive examinations, doctor's visits or vaccinations, SOS calls with SMS sending GPS coordinates, searching for the nearest doctors or medical facilities and, of course, the possibility to apply for VoZP.

In terms of technology, the multiplatform Xamarin framework is used, which facilitates and speeds up development for both supported operating systems (Android, iOS) and obtains data via the REST Api created in .NET Core.

Advantages of the application "Health at the click":

  • notification of vaccination dates, doctor's visits, examinations or screening programs
  • enter your own appointment and link this feature to your mobile calendar
  • finds the nearest medical facility and displays the route on the map
  • calls or sends an SMS to a person close to them with the current GPS coordinates or directly SOS
  • current and former policyholders can request confirmation of the non-existence of a debt with VoZP
  • an overview of news about changes in health insurance rules and what is happening in healthcare
  • after filling in the personal data, an application for registration for VoZP will be sent
  • submission of an application to the prevention program
  • display of all health care
  • display of the EHIC card

Technologies used

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