This year's annual meeting of AVDZP members took place at the ZAT company in Příbram

This year's annual meeting of AVDZP members took place at the ZAT company in Příbram

ZAT is a certified manufacturer and supplier of therapeutic medical devices, SW and mobile applications for clinics and health insurance companies. It is also a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices – the largest Czech organization in the healthcare industry. Every year, the association organizes a membership meeting with an active member approved by the AVDZP board of directors, chaired by Jana Vykoukalová. This time, the company ZAT provided the background for its event.

"The allocation of the organization of an event of this scale represented an appreciation of our five years of active work in the Association and a great commitment for its successful course," says Roman Plavec, marketing and sales director for healthcare at ZAT.

On April 19, a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association took place in the premises of the Příbram headquarters, followed by an excursion to the ZAT area for about 100 participants.

"The afternoon part continued with the AVDZP meeting itself, during which the annual report was approved, new members were introduced and we had the opportunity to present our competences in the field of healthcare in the form of an attractive video," adds Roman Plavec.

The subsequent panel discussion with the participation of the government representative for the reconstruction of Ukraine Tomáš Kopečný concerned the projects of Czech healthcare companies to restore affordable healthcare in war-affected areas. The director of the department from the MFA Marek Svoboda and Martin Pospíšil from the MPO also participated in the discussion.

The meeting was followed by professional workshops covering topics such as financing, business opportunities or market opening with medtech innovations and very demanding MDR certification.