We have launched a new SMT3 automatic line for 32 million crowns

We have launched a new SMT3 automatic line for 32 million crowns

 "The new fully automatic line is one of the top devices in its class. As part of production facilities, it ensures the mounting of components intended for surface mounting (SMD) on printed circuit boards. This is the third fully automatic line for mounting components in our portfolio," says Vladimír Pikard, Director of the Industrial Electronics Division. It will allow us to manage the increase in performance when installing printed circuit boards, and thus the implementation of contracted orders. Through automatic process inspections, it will also contribute to increasing the already top quality of our products of industrial electronics production.

The new production line is equipped with 3D automatic optical checks for solder paste inspections (SPI), which is a key moment for a quality result of the assembly process. It also has a 3D automatic optical inspection (AOI). During these inspections, for example, the correct placement of components, their polarity, marking and at the same time soldering are automatically monitored. Checks cover everything that is visually evaluable.

The results of optical inspections are archived on a data storage. The new production line also cooperates with the company's ERP system both for providing data inputs and for data collection. At the same time, it also enables the traceability of the components used.

The line also includes two two-portal assembly machines. Actual performance is up to 70,000 components per hour, which can be achieved with medium-sized electronic series production.

"The configuration of the SMT3 line ensures not only the installation of our SandRA units of the Z100, Z200 series, compact stations, SimONet series products, but also products that will be newly developed on today's known component sizes," adds Vladimír Pikard.

The investment in a new production line for the mounting of SMD components was 32 million crowns.