The 6th Summer meet-up is over - follow our series of news and interviews with interesting guests

The 6th Summer meet-up is over - follow our series of news and interviews with interesting guests

We have just finished another, already 6th year of the biggest ZAT event for customers - Summer meet-up. This year we have again prepared a number of novelties for you, not only from our product range. The sixty participants could now enjoy interesting talks with our guests. We have created a conference facility for this purpose in the testing room in Pilsen, where visitors do not normally get to.

Five partners were invited to the studio to discuss with our colleagues the development of their industry and mutual cooperation with ZAT.

Barbora Česáková, ZAT's manager, took the opening speech and guided the participants through the day. She introduced our SandRA and SimONet platforms, which have been a solid product base of ZAT for several years, as well as the latest addition to this family - the SoWA platform designed for incoming data analysis and predictive computing. And why should you be interested in it? Anomaly detection, limit state monitoring, and predictive calculations deliver detailed, near real-time status on monitored technologies and systems with predictions of future states. The SoWA platform evaluates data not only from our platforms, but also from any of our customers' systems - active control systems, sensors, data warehouses, cloud storage, etc.

ZAT has also long focused on cyber security, which is a key parameter of our control systems not only in the nuclear power and gas industries. This is followed by our other activity - ZAT's involvement in the supply chain for the completion of new nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. We have one of the most advanced control systems on the market. ZAT's systems and know-how are deployed in 10% of nuclear power plants worldwide and 30% in the EU. Therefore, we believe that we can provide the winner of the tender not only with a cutting-edge solution, but also with quality facilities for production and subsequent long-term service.

Another novelty this year, which only a few companies in the Czech Republic can boast, is the certification of the Ozosmart medical device for ozone therapy. This year we were one of the first companies operating in the healthcare sector to undergo a demanding certification process according to the new European legislation MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

Another interesting topic is our cooperation with cities and counties, with whom we work together to manage the distribution of electricity not only from renewable sources. We discussed the prospects and pitfalls of the industry in the morning session with Martin Sobotka, Mayor of Dobřany and Milan Edl, Manager of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Pilsen Region. We will present this interesting debate in a separate article.

And that brings us to the essence of this year's Summer meet-up. It brought so many interesting talks and news that we will present them to you gradually during September and October on the ZAT website.

You can look forward to an interesting series.