We develop IT solutions for healthcare, an example of which is the award-winning HealthPlus mobile application

ZAT is not only a manufacturer of control systems for energy and industry. With the development of IoT technologies, our youngest Smart Systems division is focused on the development of solutions from this area as well. In 2018, for example, we launched the successfully deployed SimONet platform for wireless data collection and transmission. It is used not only in industry or transport, for example in the healthcare sector, it is suitable for monitoring hospital rooms and the movement of patients.

ZAT for healthcare 

In the field of healthcare, our company offers comprehensive services from the development and production of medical devices (we developed and marketed the StimSmart therapy device ourselves) through the development of custom software to competence in the certification of medical products according to the newly introduced MDR (Medical Device Regulation) legislation.

As part of the development of software services, such as the development of custom software or the creation of independent superstructures of enterprise systems, ZAT last year strengthened its team by about 30 top developers. It was these experts who developed the award-winning mobile application for the private polyclinic Program Health Plus, which is a European leader in the development of eHealth support for its clients.

Mobile application HealthPlus 

Program Health Plus was looking for a partner to help develop an application that would securely, yet simply, make available to clients the data of their medical reports, test results and recommended drugs, allow them to keep track of check-up dates, and even help solve some health problems remotely without visiting a doctor.

“Our task was to develop an application that would meet the current design and security standards required in the development of mobile solutions. The basis of the application is secure communication with the Program Health Plus information systems. It also uses a push notification system for various notifications and information to the application's users," adds Jaroslav Hrdinka, head of the Custom Software Development group at ZAT.

The pleasant user solution, innovativeness and comprehensiveness of the services were appreciated not only by the clients of the medical facility. In the Czech Digi Med Award, the mobile application won the award for the innovative solution of 2019, in the Czech 100 best competition, MUDr. Oldřich Šubrt, founder of the Health Plus Program, received a diploma in the field category Information and Communication Technology for his contribution to the digitalization of medicine.

Vývoj zakázkového softwaru

"One of ZAT's strategic goals is to develop and strengthen software services associated with data processing and presentation on modern platforms. These are, for example, process visualizations, user interfaces, development of smart systems and work with big data. These are competencies that we offer to our clients not only as superstructures of our control systems, but also as independent development of their software solutions," adds Václav Janoch, director of the Smart Systems division.