Electronics manufacturing for demanding industries

Electronics manufacturing for demanding industries
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Applications from cranes to rail vehicles

For demanding customers requiring the reliability of products, we manufacture products according to their documentation in the range from individual electronic boards through assemblies to the production of functional units, such as controllers, control stations, etc.

We subject the manufactured assemblies to functional tests to the required extent, for example in difficult conditions, such as elevated ambient temperature, up to testing with electronic testers, including output protocols. When testing units, automatic test stations are usually used, which eliminate the human factor and guarantee accurate measurements with records.

Electronics for the control of traction drives

We produce electronics that process input information, data from sensors and communicate with superior systems. It finds its application in the control systems of traction motors of trams and train locomotives.

I/O module for traction applications

Since 2019, we have been supplying hundreds of pieces of I/O modules manufactured according to the Czech customer's documentation every year.

This module includes:
  • comunnication
  • binary inputs and outputs
  • analog inputs and outputs
  • inputs for sensors
IO Modul

Production of control elements in crane converters

Liebherr cranes with a capacity of up to 3,000 tons are used in a wide range of fields. Frequency converters in the drives of these cranes manufactured by ZAT reduce the power consumption of the drive and include speed control, control of motor starts, have built-in protection functions and reduce mechanical wear of related equipment.

Intelligent driver for controlling IGBT elements

Since 2010, we have been producing electronics of intelligent drivers for controlling IGBT elements of inverters according to the Czech customer's documentation. The use of the most modern technologies in production ensures high quality and reliability of manufactured drivers. Thanks to this, these drivers, which increase the reliability and performance of the inverters and ensure their protection, find their application in the German manufacturer of cranes supplied worldwide.