Nuclear power    engineering

We supply control and management systems for large and small nuclear reactors and related nuclear technologies, including services. We are an established player in the field of nuclear technology management supplies, both at home and abroad.

Our company's know-how includes knowledge of the legislation of the country and compliance with strict international rules. We are currently meeting the requirements of the legislation of individual state authorities for nuclear safety in the Czech Republic and in 6 other countries around the world.

Control and management systems

Project solutions for functioning and newly built nuclear power plants

Our own development

Solutions for primary, secondary and non-unit parts of nuclear power plants on our own SandRA platform

Tradition and stability

Nuclear technology management since 1972 to 30% of nuclear units in the EU and 10% worldwide

Large nuclear reactors

We supply control and management systems to operated and new nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and abroad. We develop, design and manufacture control systems for various types of nuclear reactors, specifically focusing on nuclear power plants with pressurized water reactors.

We offer partial and complex solutions for the management of technological operating sets of the primary and secondary circuit and auxiliary operations of the power plant, including some safety systems and several other special systems.

We provide design, production, testing, assembly and commissioning, including the implementation of detailed design according to the customer's general specifications. Preparation of production documentation and qualification of the delivered equipment according to the legislation valid in the country of the end user are a matter of course for us.

SandRA Z100 and Z200

Reliable control system with life cycle management for the implementation of functions in all safety classes


Advantages of our deliveries

  • Compliance with legislation and nuclear safety requirements
  • Verified design of technical solution with regard to operational safety
  • Documenting procedures in each implementation step (verification and validation of the design)
  • Long-term technical support and service
  • Implementation processes according to established nuclear safety culture
  • Ensuring cyber security within the company, project and technical means
  • Integrated quality management system and established processes

Small and research nuclear reactors

We supply and modernize control and management systems for low-power reactors and research reactors. We work on projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. We cooperate with research organizations that participate in the development of 4th generation reactors.

We provide design and supply of control systems for a specific sector of research and school reactors and provide comprehensive services in the modernization of control and management systems.

For this specific sector of small, research and school reactors, we provide detailed design according to the customer's framework specification, production, testing, assembly and commissioning, including qualification of the supplied equipment according to the legislation valid in the end user's country.


We use the SandRA platform in solutions for small reactor

Maly Reaktor

Service and maintenance

We design equipment especially for our own projects, at the same time we offer our know-why and know-how to other customers as well. These are mainly designs and supplies of special electronic and electrical equipment for nuclear power plant technology management applications. We develop and manufacture special power blocks, such as controlled rectifiers, converters, inverters, etc.

We provide customers with support and services in the area of project preparation, licensing, equipment qualification with regard to legislation, training, life extension of the control system. We take care of customers in the supply and repairs of spare parts in the form of warranty, post-warranty and guaranteed service.

Our solutions for various parts of nuclear power plants

Control system of reactor control rods

New or modernized system meeting legislative requirements and meeting strict qualification requirements

Reactor power regulator

Automatic regulation of reactor power and steam pressure in the main steam collector. The system is implemented on the SandRA Z100 platform.

Power safety switch

A system containing two identical sets for quick disconnection of the power supply, intended for the reactor control and regulation mechanisms.

Water level measurement in the reactor vessel

Water level measurement in the reactor vessel and water level monitoring in VVER reactors and other types of reactors

Internal reactor measurement system

Automatic collection and processing of data on the state of the core in the primary circuit and on the important parameters of the secondary circuit.

Control system for primary part technology

Ensuring control and information functions and collection of all operating and diagnostic data from connected measuring circuits, actuators.

Post-emergency monitoring system

High quality and reliable system designed to process and display the parameters necessary for post-accident monitoring.

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Primary EN
Control system for technology of secondary parts

The system provides control and information functions, enables the collection of all operating and diagnostic data from the connected measuring circuits, actuators

Turbine protection system

High-quality and highly reliable system in a three-channel design with triple inputs and outputs, which ensures safe operation of the turboset

Turbine control system

The system for regulation and control of the turbine within the technology of the secondary part ensures reliable and safe regulation and control of the turbine of various types

Turbo generator excitation regulation

Turbo generator excitation control system within the excitation set implemented by the compact AVR Safety excitation controller

Diesel generator excitation regulation

Diesel generator excitation control system designed for emergency power supply of the nuclear power plant's primary circuit

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Secondary EN
Unit control and information system

Extensive system for controlling and monitoring the operation of nuclear unit technologies from the unit and emergency control room.

Non-unit control and information system

Control and monitoring of the operation of nuclear power plant auxiliary operations technologies from the central control room for non-unit operations.

Water Pipes
Control of auxiliary non-unit operations

A system ensuring the management of supporting technologies needed for the operation of the primary and secondary part of the power plant unit.

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Unit Non Unit Part EN

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