Emmanuel Macron stressed cooperation with Czech industry at the Czech-French Nuclear Forum in Prague

Emmanuel Macron stressed cooperation with Czech industry at the Czech-French Nuclear Forum in Prague

ZAT is part of a lucrative club of companies with which the French EDF wants to cooperate in the completion of the NPP in the Czech Republic and other nuclear projects in Europe. "Even at the Czech-French Nuclear Forum we talked with EDF representatives about our cooperation," says Ivo Tichý, Executive Director and Member of the Board of Directors of ZAT a.s.

The expert forum was held on 5 March in Prague. According to the organisers, the main purpose of the event was to explore "the possibilities of cooperation between France and the Czech Republic in the field of nuclear power".

The event was also attended by French President Emmanuel Macron. "We need nuclear energy for our future and both our countries share this approach," Emmanuel Macron told a packed Rudolfinum. It was not only from him that the vision of a French-led European nuclear industry was then expressed. And the Czech industry should also have a firm place in the newly built supply chain.

"ZAT was often cited as an unmistakable supplier in individual contributions. This was confirmed by Frédéric Leliévre, at that time Vice President of FRAMATOM, who explicitly mentioned ZAT as a reliable and proven supplier and cited our company as an example of good cooperation," says Jaroslav Scharf, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZAT.

The spectrum of topics discussed was broad. It ranged from nuclear fuel supply, spent fuel management, provision of staff capacity and training, through the system of financial support for R&D to the involvement of individual research agendas in the so-called centre of excellence.

ZAT has long-standing partnerships with EDF and some of its companies. In 2012, we signed a contract with Framatome for the supply of 58 KCF system cabinets for 20 nuclear units of eight French nuclear power plants operated by EDF, with a completion date of 2024. A memorandum of cooperation was signed in 2021. Last year, our mutual activities resulted in the official certification of ZAT for non-safety. Certification for safety systems is planned for this year.

"ZAT is currently deploying one of the most advanced nuclear control systems on the market, meeting the most demanding safety requirements of European regulators. We are confident that we will be an integral part of the new units in the Czech Republic too. We have been working on this strategic cooperation with EDF for a long time," confirms Ivo Tichý.

ZAT control systems and know-how are currently deployed in 30 percent of nuclear power plants in the EU and 10 percent worldwide.