Industrial line Z200

Industrial line Z200

Control system for industrial application

The industrial line of the SandRA system is intended for general control functions in a wide spectrum of fields, e.g. in conventional and nuclear power engineering, renewable sources, gas industry, transport, and others. This is enabled by a high rate of the flexibility of both hardware and software part of a solution of a particular application of control system. It is possible to choose between large and robust architectures with modular stations and various levels of redundancy at all levels of the control system or a simple solution with compact stations for small technologies. There are also available various solutions for operators´ stations and control rooms, according to customer´s requirements and application needs.

DCS system SandRA Synergy

SandRA is a complex set of integrated SW tools enabling the realization of a control system of DCS category (distributed control system) using technical means of SandRA platform.

Basic properties are represented by a unified data administration in the entire application of the control system enabling their availability, completeness, and consistency. The use of a central engineering system with mutually interconnected tools minimizes costs for the design, configuration, and administration of the control system SandRA.

Advantages of this solution are clear not only during planning and engineering but also in the course of installation and putting into operation, in everyday operation as well as during maintenance, repair, and modernization.

DCS Synergy

Process stations

Process stations are used for direct control of technologies in real-time. They perform assigned controlling and regulation algorithms, evaluate the measured input values, and control the regulated technology through its outputs. Using data networks, they communicate with the superior level of the control system, mutually with each other as well as with the remote input and output stations, SMART sensors, and actuators.

Process stations Z200

Control stations of the SandRA Z200 line are used in the instrumentation and control systems, mainly in power engineering but also in other industrial fields. They represent an open control system with high calculation capacity and large communication possibilities. Variability of the hardware configuration of control stations is supported by a wide offer of the input, output, and communication modules. High operation reliability is achieved thanks to the robust mechanical and electrical performance of the station.

The stations are designed as modular, which means that numbers and scopes of the input and output signals, types and numbers of communication channels, power supply, computing capacity, etc. depend on the configuration of the station and it is possible, to a large extent, to change and develop them.

Each station includes one or two processor boards with application programs and up to 18 periphery IO modules, data connected with processor boards through an internal serial bus. The speed of the bus reaches (1,25 Gb/s), and the configuration of „double star“ ensures the functionality of the station even in the case of a defect of the bus.


Advantages of industrial line Z200

Compact stations Z210

Compact stations of the SandRA Z210 line have been derived from the Z200 line and are intended for control of smaller technologies such as heat exchangers, regulation, and transmission stations in the gas industry and sewage treatment plants. They can be also used in the control of topologically large technologies such as gas reservoirs, supervision railway systems, monitoring and control of pipelines, etc. The Z210 stations are also suitable for data collection from various end devices with different communication protocols and their transfer to remote control rooms. They are manufactured in a version without direct inputs and outputs (with the possibility of connecting remote inputs and outputs) as well as with integrated inputs and outputs.

Communication and technical specification

The stations have communication interface Ethernet 100BASE, RS-232/458/422, USB1.1, and support communication through standard industrial protocols OPC-UA, Modbus TCP/IP i RTU, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS DP. Also, the protocols used mainly in power engineering such as ČSN EN 60870-5-104, SPA Bus, M-Bus, and a lot of other special protocols. Besides high calculation capacity, the hardware of these stations also offers a slot for a memory SD card, backed-up memory, and a source of real time.


Advantages of the compact line Z210

Special devices

These devices realize the functions for control of particular technological equipment such as steam or hydro turbines, synchronous generators, and others. Control of these technologies requires special solutions both in the hardware and software parts. Therefore it is difficult to realize these tasks using standard controlling systems.
The compact design brings along cost-saving for repeated applications. These devices can be used separately (in cooperation with other manufacturers´ control systems) or as integrated components of SandRA control system.

Compact controller of generator excitation

Compact controller AVR Z110 is intended for various types of synchronous generators (brushless, static, with direct exciter, …) Compact design enables mounting in a distribution board and the possibility of redundant configuration. At the same time, it offers a comfort visualization and diagnostic functions.

Numerical synchronization equipment

The numerical synchronization device DSD Z110 enables automatic connection of generators to the network and fulfills the function of a phaser and checking circuit and it is possible to use it in combination with AVR Z110 or separately. It communicates via Ethernet, USB, and RS 422/485, it has outputs for regulation of frequency as well as the voltage of the generator and also offers diagnostic functions.

Control system of the swivelling equipment with synchronization

Automated synchronization of the swivelling equipment of steam turbine based on the SandRA Z100 instrumentation. Communication using Ethernet, CAN, and service USB.

Module for control of rotary machines

Special module SandRA Z211 for control of rotary machines such as hydro and small steam turbines, rotary pressure reductions, pumps, turbo-feeding pumps, etc.

System software

System software provides all tools for complete design, programming, parametrization, and maintenance of industrial applications of the control system SandRA.

The Pertinax environment is a proprietary product of the company ZAT intended for the creation of application SW for process stations in the form of a design of control algorithms using the predefined functional blocks. Screens for visualization and control of regulated technology in control rooms and the alarm and archiving systems are designed using the development environment according to the setup visualization tool (AVEVA or Reliance). For designing the hardware configuration of the control system, there is used a tool Engineering Base. The set is completed with an application PertinaxDig ensuring independent online diagnostics of the control system SandRA. Each of these tools is possible to apply separately or as a SandRA Synergy system module. The main advantage of this solution is represented by unified data administration and their sharing through integrated tools through the Project database Pertinax.

The mentioned tools can be installed in an engineering station from which it is then possible to perform maintenance and SW modification for the entire control system SandRA.


Visualization and control rooms

For industrial applications, the SandRA platform provides a wide range of integrated tools for visualization, operators´ control, and alarm and archiving systems.

The tools of the AVEVA System Platform rank among the top world-class for solving control rooms at large technological units of the power energy units type as well as individual technologies. Company ZAT has more than 25 years of experience with these applications. An alternative solution for operators´ stations is represented by the Reliance system which has also been successfully integrated and applied to the SandRA platform.

For control of smaller technologies, we offer local operators´ panels of various manufacturers. Visualization on mobile devices as well as access through the Internet using standard web browsers are enabled by a web server running directly in the SandRA process stations of Z200 and Z210 lines.

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Possibilities of applying the industrial line of SandRA platform

3 (1) Open control system with a high calculation power and large communication possibilities usable for secondary and auxiliary parts of nuclear power plants. It provides high operation reliability and variability of hardware configuration.

Nuclear power engineering

4 Modular solution with specialized instruments for individual technologies (turbines, generators) with long life cycle suitable for new projects or system migration. System can be applied for large DCS systems controlling entire power energy units too.

Thermal power engineering

Kamyk Made-to-measure solution for a source of any type and size thanks to the possibility to combine both compact and robust elements and our development enabling modifications at the level of HW and SW

Renewable sources

1 (3) Compact solution with high calculation power certified to be applied in critical infrastructure and resistant against moisture, dustiness, electromagnetic interference as well as magnetic damage


2 (2) Compact solution tailor-made for the field meeting the cybersecurity requirements for supplies to critical infrastructure and resistant against outside effects of the environment

Gas industry

5 The system suitable for every industrial sector and each customer. Starting from a compact system with big power up to a universal modular system. Reliable made-to-measure solution for any need meeting high requirements for cybersecurity