We introduced our modern control system to BPS operators

We introduced our modern control system to BPS operators

ZAT is a leading supplier of control systems in the Czech Republic and for biogas plants. We also service many of those that were built during the BPS construction boom after 2010.

We therefore welcomed the opportunity to meet our partners at a meeting of biogas plant operators held at the end of June in the pleasant surroundings of the U Milína hotel. The event was organized by AGETE. ZAT provides service of control systems for these biogas plants.

"In addition to deepening mutual relations and introducing our new service team, we showed the partners the current capabilities of the modern SandRA control system, which is designed to manage the operation of biogas plants," says Tomáš Bauer, head of the Gas Engineering Group at ZAT.

Currently, a number of biogas plants are controlled by a system from Siemens, which ZAT deployed ten years ago according to the investor's requirements. At that time, Czech companies were not nearly as ready to supply the technology as they are today. However, the existing range of control systems is not supported by the manufacturer and biogas plants are currently facing the question of whether and how to modernise them.

BPS can multiply sales

Not only the ambitious European Green Deal plan for Europe, but also the current gas shortage situation is allowing BPS operators to significantly increase their revenues. The possibility to connect biogas plants to the gas distribution system or to flexibly manage the sale of electricity to the grid are also now coming into play for higher profits.

"In both cases, we have an advantageous solution for biogas plants. Our state-of-the-art SandRA control system has a number of technological innovations, such as automatic operation with remote monitoring, clear visualisation and control. At the same time, it provides higher reliability, better cybersecurity and significantly more convenient management," adds Tomáš Bauer.

ZAT also provides biogas plants with a comprehensive service for connecting their technology to the gas distribution system. This requires the creation of a transfer point between the biogas plant and the distributor in the form of a control station to ensure trouble-free operation. "We can also help operators significantly in this case. We have been supplying and deploying turnkey control systems at gas control stations for more than thirty years," concludes Bauer.